Better Habits

Why Use the Better Habits App?

Is there a better you? Are the core habits inside of you your choice? Did you put them there? Are you happy with them?

Chances are, you’re like the majority of us and would like to make a few changes. Not only is it possible to change your habits, it's VITAL to setting yourself free and unlocking your true potential.

Most of us are not engaged enough to consistently commit to behavior change. We stay trapped in a paralyzing state of too many options and none of them ’sticking.' Very seldom do we get the wakeup call we need, and when we do, the motivation from it fades quickly and we forget it ever happened.

Real change has an elusive formula that is a bit more complex when coupled with our modern demanding attention spans. We need to be engaged, not just once, but consistently, every day. That engagement has to be quick and clear. We also need scope. We need to be able to see the forest from the trees and navigate our progress from a bird’s eye view. Once we have these things, we can start to engage our desire to win.

With all that in mind, we’ve created the smartest, most comprehensive and effective habit tracking app to date. Here’s how it works…

Habits grow or diminish based on the amount of attention we give them. If you ignore your habits, they will gradually disappear. If you give them attention, they will flourish. The Better Habits app echoes this natural process using study-backed algorithms. As you perform reps the progress bar grows, and as you miss them the progress bar shrinks.

In the 2009 study, How are habits formed: Modeling habit formation in the real world, Phillippa Lally concluded that one size DOES NOT fit all when it comes to habit formation. The more difficult an activity is to perform, the more difficult it will be to turn that activity into a habit. We embrace this line of thinking by allowing you to select the level of difficulty for each habit you form. The higher the level of difficulty, the more reps you’ll be required to complete in order to form the habit.

Throw in attempts, streaks, and overall progress inside a quick, clean, informative dashboard and you’ll find yourself visualizing your progress even when you’re not looking at the app. Consider it your daily intelligence pull that gives you the scope you need in order to engage your desire to win. All for rewards that actually matter—like your health, your future, and your life. It’s about time for you to win the battle for the personal change you want. So get on it, and get some better habits!

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