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‘Better Habits’ available on the Apple App Store

A smart app that hooks you into forming the habits you want.

Introduction :
Available today, the app Better Habits offers a unique process built from the ground up based on the latest studies of behavioral psychology and habit formation. Better Habits uses your own effort to leverage motivation. Get hooked and watch as daily actions that were once impossible become effortless and automatic. Better your habits, better your life.

Full description :
Better Habits is not a goal-setting, stat-tracking, or coach-networking app. It’s a tool that is laser-targeted on forming habits that last. 45% of all daily behavior is habit. Changing those habits can be incredibly difficult and many of us, unfortunately never succeed in doing so. It is possible to change one’s core habits and many Better Habits users already have. Our process is built from the ground up based on the latest, most comprehensive studies of habit formation and behavioral psychology. We tap into user’s natural pain/ pleasure triggers. They are rewarded for performance with visual anchored progress. When they fail to perform, they lose portions of that progress. Rather than a static, black and white, ‘all or nothing’ answer, we offer a sophisticated living algorithm that is backed by science and flexible to fit everyone. The app is deceptively simple, and its users are stunned at why — and how well — it works. Behind its elegant surface and easy interaction, is a union of serious study and complex technology that gently guides its user along the path to success.

Quote :
"Better Habits is just the beginning for us. It’s the first of what will eventually be a full suite of tools that will help people reach their true potential."
- said Better Habits founder Jared Collett